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High school... bleh. Didn't really like it. Didn't mind it, the days just passed by. We don't really have these specific cliques in my old school. It was either you were with the giant "in" group or you were out and either had your own mini-groups (few people) or you had no group and was a loner.

I just had my own little group and I didn't join any clubs either. Didn't mind lessons, easier then what I'm doing now (although I found it hard at the time). If anything, the number one thing that got to me was the immaturity.

College/University is more of a blessing that we have a lecture hall full of people and they all go quiet straight away without the lecturer saying anything. (Except for the occasional few people who get sent out for not being able to stop talking) Working with people who actually want to study is how I prefer it. That said however, it's even harder to make friends in college if you don't have that active outgoing personality.
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