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Originally Posted by Vexx View Post
All the high schoolers I ever knew were well into "pubescent" O.o

Fun is where you look for it mostly... if the classes were fun it was because the people and teacher made it that way (my physics teacher was hilarious and my senior humanities class was a riot). On the other hand, "health" was moment-by-moment cliche of all the bad comedies of health class.
The German teacher was a level 60 nazi but the class had fun anyway (she liked our "3 Stooges" interpretation of a hitler and co. speech for our senior project).
I had fun in marching/symphonic band...
Otherwise, I was in the "geek/other" clique which had all the bright people that didn't fit into the "stoner/cowboy/football/fashionqueen" dominant cliques.

I enjoyed college a hell of a lot more though.
Very true. It had its good days and what not. I disliked it till about 12th grade, in which I wanted some of my dreams to become a reality and started to work harder and started actually doing the school work ^_^. I hate everything but Science. Now I love every subject except speech class, which was worthless, IMO.

PS: Early Congratulations to you, Spectacular_Insanity ^^ and any AS members Graduating this May (to the Members not living in the US too or when ever you graduate this year; I only know the US's school period )

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