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Best four years of my education period. Too many memorable events to list everything here in detail, but let me put it this way. When I meet up with my friends, we still have fun remembering what happened to us during those four years. The friendships I forged during those four years were the best ones I had so far.

I had a classmate who was a ventriloquist (and he frequently tricked the teacher into thinking that some other student was doing the talking).

My Literature class was a motley crew of 11 students from 2 classes (the other 390+ students chose History). So we had no classroom! We held our lessons wherever there was space.

The adventures I had under our militaristic Scout Master. Wading through latrine-polluted mud, building a suspension bridge without safety lines, constructing a medieval catapult, having a five-storey high flagpole collapsed onto me, etc... the blood and sweat of my ECA-life.

The teachers were a fun bunch too, and even they agreed that my class was the most fun to teach.

Of course, there were also the "drama events", such as the time when a schoolmate stabbed another guy with a sharpened comb, or how a classmate stabbed me in the thigh with a pencil because I refused to lend him my colour-pencils, and the countless fistfights and scuffles that broke out from time to time.

All in all though, it was a very positive period during my life. The only possible complaint I could have about it is that it was an all-boys school.

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