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Originally Posted by raile View Post
SHERYL NOME: The Owner's Guide and Maintenance Manual

"Minmay was supposed to perform a concert that was for the sake of humanity, but much to our dismay, she chickened out in the last minute! We had to look for a replacement else meet our doom. That's when we stumbled upon the SAOTOME ALTO unit. We dressed the unit up and curled up his hair to increase his feminine looks. With lip-synching and a Vocaloid program, no one was able to tell the difference! Not even the Zentradi! What's more…the SAOTOME ALTO unit looks a hundreds time more pretty than the original Minmay! Now, that's quality we can really recommend."

--Hikaru, Misa and Kaifun (SDF Macross)

haha!! that one cracked me up so hard and at the same time I gotta say it's true that alto is prettier than minmay if you dress him up like that...
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