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Hiwou Senki, BONES' first production, was totally for kids. Both shows are very enjoyable and show a lot of creativity and great pacing. Soul Eater sucks, and Heroman sucks even more. Please do not attempt to downplay the fact that as BONES' productivity increases, their quality drops. It is definitely of concern to those who have followed BONES from the very beginning and think very highly of their abilities when they actually put their mind to it.
Let's not start any reviosinism here, because unless one of us is drunk on some nostalgia vitriol, Hiwou Senki (aka Clockwork Fighters) was a bunch of dross either as a kids' show or simply as an entertaining series. It was at best mildly amusing at times, but it was still a farcry from BONES' top work, and really not any better than Heroman at all.
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