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I'm surprised by the vitriol against Soul Eater and Heroman in this thread. I didn't like either show, but then I didn't expect to - they're for kids, and all the beautiful animation in the world won't make me enjoy stereotypical shounen fare like this. It didn't really work ten years ago and it certainly doesn't now!
I didn't expect this kind of really bad logic from you, BluWacky. Soul Eater and Heroman are bad because they're slow, really fucking boring and, in Heroman's case, horribly directed; that has nothing to do with them being kids' shows. Medabots was an excellent, speedy and very energetic toy commercial that was fun to watch from beginning to end, Doremi was a very enjoyable show for little girls with great sense of pacing and endearing characterization, the currently running Heartcatch Precure is Doremi's spiritual successor with the addition of super-quirky and bouncy action sequences; your logic fails because these three are a lot more childish than Heroman and Soul Eater and they're also a whole lot more watchable and entretaining.
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