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Originally Posted by Gin View Post
You just had to link the dub didn't you?
Thats the first one I found on Youtube.. I would have liked to find a better quality source but I work with what I find...

I don't see what you are complaining about, at 0:24 she is running on the tree branches and the water parts look good to me. I don't really disagree with you about the green floors perhaps being something to consider for the Bleach movie, I just think you should take CTHD of that list.
Yeah there are parts where she walks on the branches but when the camera changes the angle it becomes obvious that she is trying to "run on air" instead of jumping from one branch to the other.

Let me put it this way...Naruto .... there is a lot of tree-hugging ... I mean tree jumping scenes in that anime... how would u feel if you saw the anime characters moving their feet (just like the actors in live action movies) when they jumped from tree branch to tree branch? I would look very odd... thats what I am referring to in all those movies..... I know that is not a deal breaker for lots of people but I would rather watch CG than wobbly feet.

I am not a Matrix freak but.. u know, the fighting sequences in mid air (Neo v Smith) were pretty dam good and that was mostly CG... ...
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