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Originally Posted by CuXe View Post
Yes, but they don't seem to know when/where to use it.... for instance, have you seen Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon? Or True Legend? or Blood: The last Vampire?

In all 3 movies there is people fighting in mid air and green screen is used but in those fighting sequences they suspend the actors with wires and so their feet are dangling in mid air so those fighting sequences look very odd. If they would only use green screen on the floor those fighting sequences would be way WAY better...

I outta visit these "directors" and special effects people to show them how to use a dam green screen for mid-air-fights properly ....

It may not be perfect, but that didn't stop CTHD to win a shit ton of awards. They know what they're doing, it's just you don't like the style.

copy pasta time:

Wire fu is an element of Hong Kong action cinema. It is a combination of two terms: "wire work" and "kung fu". Wire fu is used to describe a sub-genre of Kung-Fu movies where the stuntmen skill is augmented with the use of wires and pulleys, as well as other techniques, in many cases to perform stunts and give the illusion of super-human ability.

Also...good CG doesn't come cheap...

Though American made and doesn't use wire-fu, Ninja Assassin was sweet

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