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Originally Posted by mageormike View Post
I'm kinda surprised people are talking about his voice at this stage. We've seen him appear at least 2 or 3 times in the anime prior to this (albet a rather long time ago ^_^; His laugh IS new though I think.

I really enjoyed this flashback. Gives us a better understanding of some of the characters that will be major participants in this arc as well as nice development for Ace and White Beard.

I'm sure manga readers just want things to start, and they will as of next week, but as one just enjoying the anime this week was a treat
Someone mentioned his laugh was off. The laugh was bad. Awful laugh + gurgly not-so-deep goofy sounding voice = fail.

This dude is supposed to give some monologues. He's supposed to be the closest thing to the king of the pirates. He needs an epic voice.

Whitebeard has the power of shockwaves as seen in this episode. His voice should resound and shake the entire area.

Only reason I can think of Whitebeard not getting a more epic voice is that they're saving voice actors for the final bosses of the series... the ultimate heavyweights.
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