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Originally Posted by xxmimixx View Post
OMG these are really good 8D!! And yeah, I remember you!
Hehe thanks

Originally Posted by Rennir View Post
Welcome back Chaos-chan It's been a while Love the new avatars If you're willing, I might have a request or two for Big Bang and Big (kdrama) avatars
Thanks I just started downloading the programs for making gifs ..hopefully I'll take requests soon ^^
and I'm watching Big too btw

Originally Posted by Hooves View Post
It's been a long time Chaos. Glad to see you're back
Thanks Hooves
Originally Posted by ganbaru View Post
So The Chaos is still active. It's good to see than there's still some of the older guys around.
I don't think I can leave AS ..I'll always comeback
Originally Posted by escimo View Post
Look who's back.

yeah I'm Back

now started download all programs for making gifs ..i hope i still remember how to make good gifs >.<
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