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Originally Posted by Tak View Post
Yeah, when I initially read it, I was dumbfounded. Out of pi... the fu*k?

Where the hell was the pity in THAT!? Of all we know Alto wanted a heart-to-heart conversation with Sheryl as his first battle approaches. I think he was seeking equilibrium, there was no pity.

- Tak
You know, I feel sorry for every character in the show that Alto interacts with.

Lucca, as Alto only saved him, cause he felt sorry for him and pity.

Michel, as Alto only gave him encouragement to surpass his sister and move on with his life, cause he felt sorry and pity for him.

Sheryl, returning her earring was just out of pity.

Ranka, as giving her encouragement was again cause he felt sorry for her.

Osma, because Alto surely only took that punch from him in ep. 2, out of pity for losing his squadron mate.

All the VF-25's that Alto pilots, as they end up getting trashed at the end of the episode. Alto only felt pity on them and wanted them to die a glorious death.

Give me a break. If he only felt sorry for Sheryl, or pity, then you can put that on every other character he's interacted with so far.

I'm not saying he's madly in love with her. You're putting words into my mouth. What I am saying, is he has done things for her, that so far he hasn't shown to do towards anyone else.
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