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Originally Posted by Slick_rick View Post
Still doesn't mean that their was an romantic feeling for him at least in that scene.
NOBODY claimed anything romantic about that scene until you brought it up. Until you stuff words in everybody's mouths while providing pitifully little evidence, other than those from your imagination, to back up what you posted.

I sure as heck did not imply it was due to romance for Alto to return Sheryl's earring, but you claiming that it was out of pity is simply carrying this way over your head and beyond.

Originally Posted by justinstrife View Post
You know, I feel sorry for every character in the show that Alto interacts with.
Or we can use his forceful 'romance' argument, seeing how everything Alto does must be romantically linked to Ranka somehow, even if it was just air and no substance.

Alto encouraged Mikhail to shoot because they are romantically involved.

Alto encouraged Lucca because they are romantically involved.

Alto having a conversation with Quran, alone, in the hanger, that must be romance! Nope, there are NO alternatives, that was romance!

Boy, oh boy, he is a busy man indeed.

Hell, forget romance, we have been taking turns just bashing Alto left and right. Then again, that may just be interpreted as a different kind of romance!

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