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Originally Posted by justinstrife View Post
You know, I feel sorry for every character in the show that Alto interacts with.

Lucca, as Alto only saved him, cause he felt sorry for him and pity.

Michel, as Alto only gave him encouragement to surpass his sister and move on with his life, cause he felt sorry and pity for him.

Sheryl, returning her earring was just out of pity.

Ranka, as giving her encouragement was again cause he felt sorry for her.

Osma, because Alto surely only took that punch from him in ep. 2, out of pity for losing his squadron mate.

All the VF-25's that Alto pilots, as they end up getting trashed at the end of the episode. Alto only felt pity on them and wanted them to die a glorious death.

Give me a break. If he only felt sorry for Sheryl, or pity, then you can put that on every other character he's interacted with so far.

I'm not saying he's madly in love with her. You're putting words into my mouth. What I am saying, is he has done things for her, that so far he hasn't shown to do towards anyone else.
Luca- Was about to die. Sure he felt compassion for him and mainly wanted to save his friend.

Michael- Sister died and was having doubts after misfiring. Did he fell some sort of compassion for him? He did feel the want to help him get over it? Yes.

Sheryl- Yes part of the reason was he felt sorry for her.

Ranka- She was about to die yes I do felt he compassion for her dying but probably the main reason was his want to him.

Ozma- No, pity here. Alto face just didn't get out of the way of Ozma fist in time.

He definitely probably did feel some sorrow and compassion for them. That doesn't mean that the only thing he felt.

Why do people risk their lives for others? If it isn't partially because of their compassion for the other person life then somethings wrong. People don't usually like seeing others die especially those they care about. Compassion and sympathy are the exact same as pity but people prefer to use these gentler words. Doesn't mean feeling this when someone is in trouble is in some way wrong.

He done things for her he's done for no one else huh? So if Ranka just happens to lose a piece of jewelry and Alto returns it I guess they'll truly then be on even grounds.

NOBODY claimed anything romantic about that scene until you brought it up. Until you stuff words in everybody's mouths while providing pitifully little evidence, other than those from your imagination, to back up what you posted.

I sure as heck did not imply it was due to romance for Alto to return Sheryl's earring, but you claiming that it was out of pity is simply carrying this way over your head and beyond.
Ok, then the original point was the statement that Ranka had no scenes with Alto that had romantic undertones. Those scenes were disputed by you and others as having no undertones at all. So if this Scenes doesn't have any undertones then you can pretty much say that Sheryl also doesn't have any scenes with romantic undertones either. I already stated that I was exaggerating about this point. I just don't believe you don't find any undertones in this or the others I stated.

If you read my previous statement you'll see I clearly admit I was exaggerating the point about the earring. If you don't believe he felt compassion and sympathy towards her losing her home and possibly friends then I don't know what to say.
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