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Originally Posted by crisis View Post

Sheryl is awesome, but not to the point where I pledge loyalty yet. I'm sure there's more to her character that has yet to be dissected.

However, I'm not surprised by her popularity. If it were other characters, she'll be bashed for being overrated, but with the multi-layers of her personality in the anime, as well as her blog entries (which is evidently written carefully under the consideration of her character), it saved her from being the overrated tag. She is one of the better characters to come out in a long, long time, a breath of fresh air compared to one-dimensional moe trash. That's not to say Ranka isn't a good character too, she is, but she carries some of the stereotypical moe traits with her and so, requires just a bit of effort to leave all that behind her and become a character that won't allow to be overshadowed by Sheryl.

Cheers to that! I raise my glass to a character such as Sheryl who breaks some standard anime conventions or at the very least, deviates from the current trend.

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