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Originally Posted by Larthak View Post
Ranma, eh? Why did you list that one exactly? I mean, just because it's a perfect example or did you actually see/like the series?

If it's the latter, continue with the spoiler below. If not and if you seek romance only, ignore this post.


Can't seem to recommend anything else beyond that. Most of the stuff is already mentioned.

Ranma 1/2 is a good example because most of the girls are tomboyish. I've watched the entire series as well. Actually, I've watched all the anime I listed, and liked them.

I was running out of ones like that to watch and running into anime like Full Moon. x_x

It looks like most of the ones I'm looking for have been recommended.

Which is good. I'm going to watch them soon.

I've never seen Slayers. I can only remember seeing a trailer years ago. Romance isn't a must, but I prefer it.

Though actually most of the anime I watch is more sc-fi/action. So, I might see about that.

As long as the girl isn't intolerably girly I can go with any anime.

Yeah, I'm weird.

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