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Originally Posted by ATP View Post
Hi there, I am new here, so please pardon me if I did anything wrong.

So I'd like to create a fanfic - a crossover/Fix Fic of sort, but the problem is, I don't seem to have enough base knowledge about the last few episodes of Gundam SEED (precisely, the Second Battle of Jachin Due i.e. ep. 43-50). These are the points I need to clear up:

- What side was Rau Le Crauset or the Dominion on again? Last time I remember, this battle was some sort of a FFA.
- What is the Three Ship Alliance doing again, please? Was it "stopping every side from firing their WMD and keep casualties at minimum, or what?

This time, Wikipedia phailed hard, so I think it's bets to turn to the experts for help.

Once this is dones, I'll try to save Fllay...


Thank you for your help.
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