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Originally Posted by Haak View Post
Like I said, episode 12 was meant as a breather epiosde, wasn't meant to be any indication to anything in the actual storyline. If you think it's misplaced, well then it's misplaced, then. But it certainly wasn't meant to be any indication of Saten's status as proven in this episode.
A breather episode doesn't make this episode any less misplaced. And this episode would be a perfectly fine breather episode; everything is calmed down and all that's left is aftermath. So that's another reason for why this should have been after episode 12.
As for Saten's status, that's the very reason, as I've said, for why this episode is misplaced. As I also said, you don't just randomly place episodes in a series; you place episodes to make a flow of events and story. Having a character have a problem one episode, have no signs of it the next, then have that problem come back out of nowhere again in the third episode, upsets that flow.
They probably thought what you're saying; bring in the beach episode for a random fanservice filler breather, then come back with this episode. Problem is, it doesn't really work. You can't just sweep character dilemna under the rug for an episode like it never happened and go to the beach for fanservice filler, then bring the dilemna back out. This isn't a nonsense-comedy series like Seitokai no Ichizon, after all.

I suspected this might happen but i didn't point it out earlier because I hadn't actually watched the episode yet, but my prediction was correct:
People don't just spontaneously mood swing as you said, but Satens case was hardly 'out of nowhere'.
Yes it did come out of nowhere; where was Saten thinking about any of this last episode? She recovers at the end of 12, goes through 13 without a single problem, now she's back to this in episode 14. You can't get much 180 than that.

I'm pretty sure you (and Saten herself) can guess why she was having special classes in the first place. And other little things like it being a nice day and you having plans to go out with your friends and everything can have an affect. Besides, she wasn't really actually moping about it either. You can tell she's not very please but in the first half, she simply replied, "It can't be helped". She was more than active in the marathon running, that must've seem entirely pointless at the time. And afterwards, after that Spartan teachers speech she was considerate, rather than moping. And she was pretty pissed when that high school girl said there should be an easier way. "We cheated so it's obvious we should be here." is what she said. Is that moping? And Komoe sensei had confirmed that she wasn't actually moping but rather felt guilty about what she had done. Also that high school girl that was ranting, and that eyebrow lesbian girl were also showing that it wasn't really out of nowhere. In any case it was everyone else, except that big guy that was complaining. She wasn't complaining at all. She was just unhappy, which she was obviously going to be. You can hardly fault her for that.
You seem to be going off-topic a bit here. I'm not talking about the philosophy or reasonings or exact description of mer mood here. I'm talking about how it's out of place for her to be going back over the whole thing after she was shown to be perfectly fine for a whole episode. Again, this should have been episode 13.

Only if you take it seriously enough. People are hardly going to call it out for such a little thing. Besides, like i said it was hardly out of the blue. She was fine in the beach episode because there was nothing to remind her of what she had done.
Inconsistency isn't a little thing, and you apparently haven't seen much of people gong nuts over things that really are little. You'd be surprised what people call on in anime.
To be perfectly honest, if she really had to be reminded of what she'd done before coming to terms with it, then that's a major character fault. I'm sure we can both agree she's more responsible than that.

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