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Originally Posted by JokerD View Post
But nice episode, I was rooting for Saten, was hoping that she developed something, but, it can't be that easy.
She got an A for clairvoyance, makes me think that she wants to see Uiharu's underwear without flipping up her skirt.
Spoiler for lol 4Koma for Konori:

That might be the case, hence why Saten got an A on it. xP

Well, as for how the episode turned up for me, the only good stuff I saw is the yuri between Jufuku and Saten... even though I prefer Saten more with Uiharu, but if another girl makes a move on Saten, well...

Lol, is it me or is Saten sitting in Touma's chair? Or at least, they're using the classroom Touma uses... idk.

Next episode... I can't wait... 8D
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