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1. If he's stripped of his time travel powers somehow, he's a normal person, just like Mikuru is when she's not putting Kyon to sleep or hiding in lockers.
What we have here is the result of some information lost in translation. See, "time traveler" is not the literal translation of how people like Mikuru and Fujiwara are referred to in Japanese. The Japanese term, "mirai-jin" literally translates to "future-person" in the same way "Nihon-jin" translates to "Japanese person." It is about where someone is from.

There is no way to take that away from Fujiwara. It's like Kogetsu said, even if he loses the ability to travel in time, he will still be a person from the future. He will still not have a past in the present time before he first arrived in the past via time travel. He cannot be made normal like Nakagawa. It simply goes against the definition of what he is. A power can be taken away from someone; a person's nature cannot.
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