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Originally Posted by Sute443 View Post
Because someone who grew up in a ridiculously advanced civilization and knows how the future of the world will play out is so very close to normal.
You're missing the point. Very few people in Haruhi are normal in any usual sense of the word. Nakagawa is quite possibly still an esper, he just had his powers "deleted" by Yuki. Sasaki has three powered individuals trying to turn her into a god due supposedly to something inherent to her. Tsuruya-san is the Goddamn Batman. Kyon is Kyon. None of them have any powers. The name thing isn't based upon who you are, but on what you can do. Exercising your knowledge isn't a "Power" in and of itself, no matter how exotic that knowledge or how it was obtained.

And presumably if Fujiwara were to lose his powers it would be due to his future not playing out like he expects, thus invalidating a heavy portion of that knowledge.
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