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I'm not sure it's CS to be honest, I randomly remember seeing the older version in an arcade (but then again I've probably gone to one in every city I've visited, so probably not in Tokyo).

Also it felt way too similar to Guilty Gear to warrant a whole new game. I need to presume the devil is in the details? (As it always happens with these games).

Maybe I just need to read about the system, lol. As it stands I miss good ol GG I understood the ins and outs of.

EDIT: meh, that link to DL forums is informative but it doesn't really summarize the system for me. I need to do my own research...

EDIT2: Actually I think I won't bother with BB since it would take way too long to be competitive anyways. I think I'll just pass on the fighting games and play the fuck out of Mushihime-sama Futari in the days I'm stuck here or something.

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