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^I suspected as much. It seems esper abilities aren't much more scientific than magic, just somewhat better documented and explained within the Index universe.
Well not quite... the exact quantum mechanics for esper abilities have been figured out to a extent by scientists, as shown in various places in the novels and in the Railgun anime (in one of the episodes in the Level Upper arc) - though scientists haven't figured exactly out why some people can't go past being Level 0 when subjected to the same processes as Level 5 espers. The exact details of this science aren't mentioned in the novels though.

Compare this with Magic, where it's pretty much 'draw this rune to manipluate fire' or 'do X to get result Y', but they don't tell you why this is the case. Mostly magicians just chalk it down to 'I'm borrowing power from God/angel/some other supernatural source', knowing what works to channel these powers but normally leave the details out of it.

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Do you think that the esper's ability to create their own "personal reality" comes from an outside source? I remember that right before Kakine died he realized where his "Dark Matter", which did not exist in our world, was coming from, or in other words realized that his "personal reality" had a source. Is it possibly like that for all espers?
Just to be picky, Kakine's Dark Matter ability is that he can create materials not present in this world. In Vol15 Ch4, there IS one sentence that stated his power is of another world, but not that Kakine's Dark Matter are material from another world (at least not SPECIFICALLY STATED. I will have to grudingly admit it's not impossible for that to be the case instead).
For all intents and purposes, Kakine creates his 'Dark Matter' out of his AIM field, according to Vol15 Ch4; at least that's how I see it.

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