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I really don't understand Aiwass and Aleister so I would leave them be on what they want to do.

I don't think so.... but maybe but from different source than your christian angel.

Before it would be forever clouded in mystery (persona 4 ) I would like to clear that Accelerator in Black wings mode.... his black wings are composition of telesma . Someone confirm this so reread past post. But when Index saw this she said that it's the same as saint's nature. So YES!!! their are chances but why telesma? As for kakine too. When he realized it. But from what source that comes from.... well his been killed before it's been cleared but Accelerator despite having a sheer force of AIM. Him in Black wings mode had the power house or source of the same as the angels Telesma. I'm not sure on Fuze=Kazakiri because........... Index saw it and understand some parts of it being an ANGEL but because it's been modified by science thus she's an artificial angel.
Kazakiri should be pure AIM......I mean the narrative always calls her Gakuen Toshi's AIM Angel. Plus the fact that her AIM field is anathema to magicians and that she can actually harm Gabriel....

But if Black Wings are Telesma how the hell does Accel not disintegrate or something when his AIM field is second only to Hyouka and Aiwass?

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