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Originally Posted by Gene098 View Post
Taking classes for 300 for 5 months, trying to learn.
Then surely you must appreciate the difficulty of learning a language. Now try to imagine the difficulty in accurately translating between two languages.

Originally Posted by Gene098 View Post
If I was to show appreciation, I would do it where they could see.
Right now we are on a forum that allows users to freely discussing things, if it's appreciation I've already contacted them directly through mail several times.

You seem to bash on me quite a lot, no need to hate on my opinions.
So because they can't see it, you can act however you want? No one's limiting your right to say whatever you want or hating your opinions. We're just pointing out that you're opinion shows a flaw in your perception towards the translators: entitlement.

The people at BT don't have to do this. They already know Japanese and can read the light novels in their original language. Other than satisfaction out of a sense of altruism, they gain nothing from translating light novel--they're volunteering to translate the light novels so that fans of SAO that don't speak Japanese can enjoy them too. Look at the list of all the projects that they're working on. SAO is just one of those. Under those circumstances, you should be thankful that they've been able to translate chapters at the rate that they have, and be more patient about future releases. If you look at the updates section, they just finished 11-15 of Aria yesterday.

From your other posts in this thread, you seem to be very passionate about SAO. That's fine, but don't let your passion undermine the efforts of the BT team in translating multiple light novels.

Anyways, to prevent derailing this thread any further, anyone else feel like 6000 players spread across 74 floors means that there are a lot of floors that are either unoccupied or sparsely populated? Assuming that an equal amount of people live on each floor, that would be around 81 players per floor.

But this isn't true. We know that Starting City is the base of the Army, which had 3000 members at the beginning of the game. Since 40% of the players died during a 2 year span, if we assume that the probability of the death of a person is independent of which group they belonged to (although Kirito stated that the people who fought on the front died much more quickly), we would have 1800 members of the army left. All of whom use the first floor as their base of operations. Then Kirito states that Algade is the biggest city in Aincrad. So it's safe to assume that over 1800 people frequent the 50th floor. Even if we were being conservative and say that only 20-30% of people that were on the 1st and 50th floors actually lived there, that would equate to 900 people (25%), leaving ~70 per floor for the other 72 floors.

But Kirito also states that the other 72 floors aren't equal in terms of popularity either. Grandum, the 55th floor, has a huge castle, so it probably has a lot of residents too (not to mention that's where Asuna's house is ). And chances are that the majority of the third group of people (criminals) would stay on the lower floors because they prey on the weak--that's about 300-400 players if we assume that a higher percentage of these people died/were taken care of by the Army (60-70%).

All in all, it makes me think that a lot of the floors have few to none people living there, and during the day, when activity centered around the 1st and 50th floors, they'd practically be deserted. I haven't played an MMORPG in a while, but the number of people seem a bit low compared to the number of floors Then again, it is generally true that the majority of activity centers around certain places IIRC, but not to the degree that is portrayed in SAO?
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