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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
And that brings up my caveat... are we now supposed to cheer against Saki and Nodoka? Saki was presented as an absolutely menacing villain here (the irony of that being pretty mind-blowing ). Seriously, if you never watched the original Saki before watching this spin-off, you'd think that Saki was the Darth Vader of this show, lol.
This is what I'll expect -- and want to see -- regarding Kiyosumi and Achiga. The two teams meet each other in some way shape or form.

** They either meet while out in the concourse areas (boring).


** They meet each other on the mahjong table. (holy @#!#$)

If they do the latter, I shall expect Kiyosumi to beat the Achiga team. Though, if they make a game out of it, that'll be cool too. Regardless, if they have Kiyosumi losing in the tournament brackets during this arc... that would outright kill the main story. So, as long as they don't do that, that'll be just fine.

As for the Season 2 spoiler issue...

They could relegate the match involving Kiyosumi and Achiga as a lower bracket match (Round 1 perhaps), where this series sends off Kiyosumi into the higher brackets, with tougher opponents. After all, the aim of this side series -- for this Achiga team to meet Nodoka again. Win or lose for the Achiga team, they accomplish that. Of course, already, the goal for the team coach Harue is already fullfilled: getting into Nationals.

On this note: we already know the Kiyosumi order via season 1 (eps 25):

Bucchou, Mako, Tacos, Nodocchi, and Saki.

And I forgot the Achiga order... though, we may see Miss Dora Magnet vs Bucchou.

As for the pacing: they can dedicate the rest of this series (assuming 12 episodes)... so that makes 9 episodes towards this seemingly inevitable match.
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