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Originally Posted by yakumo-chan View Post
Actually you are wrong right there, because you didnt believe he is Obito so its not simple and easy,,

he was stating he was Madara for a couple of years now, how would you believe he is Obito? or deep inside you really think he is Obito? is that right?
lol you want me to prove it? the moment Tobi appears in the manga people already speculated and me included that Tobi is Obito simply because of the letter arrangement on their names and because he has a sharingan in the right only while Kakashi has a left sharingan only

and also while im at it the reason i did not believe its a space time ninjutsu because its already hinted by kakashi on chapter 395 page 9 that Tobi uses spacetime ninjutsu

so i speculated another reasons for Tobi since Kishimoto did not revealed it so fast and wanted more people to speculate on the simple explanations

their is nothing ground breaking on Tobi being Obito its just simple of an explanation on his identity that is boring and now towards reading the upcoming revelation to patch the plot holes
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