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Originally Posted by Randrak42 View Post
Now who's delusional?

Maybe, but I'd at least like to believe that my theory has a bit more thought and logic put into it than the typical "OMG ssj logia luffy!!!" post. Honestly, I feel that Momo's chances of eating the fruit are pretty darned low as well, but I still see him as a possibility (albeit a slight one) for the reasons I explained.

And c'mon, you're seriously gonna tell me that the clashing effects between a "real" and "fake" fruit in a single body isn't a legit interesting idea to explore? This isn't the same case as all those folks who keep denying the explanation we got about the effects of two REAL fruits during Enies Lobby.....

Originally Posted by Blackbeard D. Kuma View Post
Does anyone else here find it silly how Doflamingo essentially "banked" on Luffy wanting to get the mera mera fruit? It's as though he had no other plans to lure Luffy into a trap, so he resorted to a plan where he would "hope" Luffy would take the bait. After all, he had no idea what kind of relationship Luffy and Ace had. This all just seems like a blind shot on his part; dependent on nothing but chance and luck. So far, he doesn't give me the impression of being the criminal mastermind that Crocodile was.

Yeah, it IS kinda odd (though I'm still going with the idea that Luffy just wants to keep the fruit out of enemy hands). And imagine if Grey was right and Zoro and Sanji's current situations were also planned by Doflamingo. That would at least show that he understood THEIR weaknesses (Zoro's attachment to his swords, Sanji's perviness), so that makes the idea behind his trap for Luffy all the more confusing, I would agree. Like, I could more easily imagine that he would gain his attention by mentioning Sabo's name or something. Well, maybe a future chapter will explain Dofla's logic behind his trap, I guess.....
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