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Originally Posted by Kazu-kun View Post
This episode goes to show that Shinka is best girl by far. Let's see:

1) She's easily the hottest girl in the cast.

2) She's a total bro, always willing to help anyone (even Shichimiya).

3) She's inmune to Yuuta's MC pheromones (only a LV.99 Wizard can pull this off ).

4) Deko's crazy for her (even if she will never admit it).

5) She has lived 1000+ years and still looks like a goddess.

All in all, she's just perfect.
yep nibutani was awesome on this episode, she is the best "chunibyou in the group and more and more she is accepting her chunibyou back lol, if we get a third season probably we gonna see a full chunibyou nibutani lol.

and for a serious note this show how much rikka diserves yuuta her determination for yuuta is umatched and yuuta love for her also indeed at this we already pretty much a garanted marriage in some years.

and here sophia really love her chunibyou more than anything, even more than her "love for yuuta".

even kumin helped with some advice and showed being jealous cuz she not a "full" chunibyou as her friends, but probably with time she gonna ending finding her own chunibyou lol, really for me kyoani is so far one of the best company when comes to do animes and really good(free of many trash otakus "fetiches/cliches their really know how to do a good history/plot.

10/10 for this episode, the only bad side are the shichimya fans rage here
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