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My votes went to:

Homura Akemi
Do I need a reason? A strong willed fighter determined to save her best friend from a tragic fate! That reminds me of another certain anime girl... With that aside, there's no way Homerun wouldn't get my vote!

Sayaki Miki
Why does she have so little votes for one of the main characters? She's not that popular, huh... Ironic that she's my favorite character, too. She's free spirited and fun, but also has a heart of a young girl in love. If only this anime was a bit longer, we could have seen a bit more to Sayaka's character than a girl in love with Kyosuke, and well, what happened afterwards too, of course... Her downfall was heartbreaking! I love Sayaka!

Kyoko Sakura
Scratch that. Kyoko and Sayaka are equally awesome in my perspective. I love how hot blooded she is, and her love of food. o u o;

If you do consider him a villain, he's one of the best villains known to anime. Ever. Cute and creepy!

Kyosuke Kamijo
Why did I vote for him again? He was a jerk to Sayaka... But, I suppose his previous and seemingly kind attitude he had in the first couple episodes just stuck with me til the end. I actually think he's adorable.

Tatsuya Kaname
Well, background characters need votes too. Plus, just look at him! Adorable! Adorable!

I should have voted for Mami, but I thought that it'd seem odd to vote for all of the Puella Magi except the main character, right? Madoka... didn't interest me.
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