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I dont think i even have to say....................but i will. Snowboarding is the coolest thing ever. I'm almost 14 years old and i started skiing when i was 4. Skiing used to be one of my favorite things ever. I was a black dimond skiier, and I skiied untill i turned 10 and grew a brain and decided to snowboard. My first time ever i had a board that was way too big, my boots were 3 sizes too big, my board was chipped all over. I sucked like hell. I couldn't really turn well at all so i could only do the bunny slopes cause even if u go straight ur still going slow. Even though I sucked alot i still had an ok time. The only reason why i decided to snowboard again was because this was the first thing that I haven't mastered the first time that i tried it, so that sorta pissed me off that i wasn't great the first time i tried it. It took me about 2 more times to be an ok boarder, and when I became ok I had about 10 times more fun than skiing even though i was a 10 times better skiier. I just really liked snowboarding for a while, I didn't think that it was the best thing ever...................until I discovered the terrain park. The terrain park is the best place on earth ever!!!!!! Now I'm a double black dimond boarder, and it is the best thing in my life.

Sirjeannot, i've done that same exact thing. Some stupid kid was laying in my way and I wouldda hit him if i had landed correctly. My friend got it on tape and i looked the same exact way as u did.

Asura, u watch dexters lab. i've seen that episode like 5 times.

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