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Thanks a bunch for starting up this board.

Like I've said, Lucky Star is one of those series that does not have a definite ending yet the source material is large/untapped and the popularity is immense. It has nowhere to go but up as things stand.

Now, there's no reason to feel really intimidated by it's size either. There's about 150 fics/one-shots at at the moment, which is pretty good. It's not too small to lose hope but not too large to be over-run by insanity. From personal experience as well, the community is quite tightly knit together, so writing an accomdating story will help. I've talked to about 10 or so other authors and many of them are welcoming to critique or praise. The key is simply not to isolate yourself.

On the topic of actual fics themselves, there are few general topics to work with. Since this is an all-girl cast so yuri is imminent. Everyone knows this already, but you'll expect to see a lot here. Mostly Konata/Kagami stuff, but most of it is good for the most part. When it comes to pairings popularity it's them, then Minami/Yutaka, then Misao/Ayano. Though that doesn't exclude irregular pairings. One of the best ones I've ever read does Hiyori/Kagami out of all things.

Original Characters are more rare than I anticipated, but they do exist. The "Insert-Male" is the most common form there is. However, the route is kind of taboo. It seems that a core-audience likes this stuff, not like a normal yuri or parodies that everyone will try. Since I particularly use that and I own the largest story on the subject, the key is simple to have a fic in this category. Make your character likeable and not boring. He/She doesn't have to be perfect, but they should be able to strike a conversation with someone. Oddly enough though, it surprises me no one has tried doing this with a girl, and having them fall for someone in the cast. /shrug Guess there are just too many to choose from.

There's a good amount though of lulzy or romantic one-shots. Most people stick to the core element of the show. If you want Sci-Fi or Dramatic or Insane stories, they are there but are in limited quality. I just hope that clears up anything for anyone.

If any new writers would like to try anything in this series, I will be happy to read over them for you. I strongly urge everyone though to be honest. If too many people run around thinking what they write is perfect, problems can arise. Not to mention, it would be nice if we got more of a review than: "It was good, write more." Stuff like that leaves us in suspense because we don't know what we did good or bad or if any scene was particularly fun.

Hope this was worth the read for you guys. ^_^

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