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Ah, it's great to see this board here. ^^

I agree that Lucky Star was a series that left itself very open to fanfiction. It was a show about everyday life, so it's great for casual writing. It's also been great for yuri (which I'm naturally a fan of). I love the influx of Konata/Kagami stories, and I gotta admit that one Hiyori/Kagami story is pretty good.

Original characters are hard to do well. A lot of writers don't seem to put very much love into them. I kinda lose hope for them as decent characters when I see they've been created just to be paired off with one of the canon characters. How much personality and likability can you really put into a character you created just to be someone's boyfriend/girlfriend? I think that the best OC's come from writers who want to make a character for the character's own sake, rather than the sake of a plot device. That's my stance.

Since Lucky Star is a very Japanese show, one of the things that I found the most challenging about writing was trying to remain true to Japanese culture. I would research and read into every aspect I was insecure about, until I felt like a loser and stopped. :P But I really think that it helps to make a story feel like an actual episode if you know the most you can about what you're writing about. Has anyone else here had a hard time researching cultural or language stuff in general?

Should those of us who are writers start with an intro and post a link to a fic maybe?
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