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I'll introduce myself as a writer then. :P

My name is weluvgirlswithglasses (get it?) I actually collaborate my fics with my fiance, because she writes Konata so fabulously. We write almost all yuri. >.>; All Konata/Kagami. I love writing for Kagami and we both enjoy writing back and forth and playing on their unique interactions and such. And we're fangirls. :P

My most popular story is "Level Up! Love!". I tend to have really long chapters, so I'll spare everyone the obnoxious textwall and just post a link to it at

If anyone goes and reads it, I'd love to hear what you think. Keeping in-character is (supposedly) one of mine and my partner's biggest strong-points, and it's definitely what's most important to me as a fanfic writer. I really like getting feedback.... honest, wordy feedback is my favorite kind. As Nuke said, if you like it, I am happiest when you tell me why.

About this potential chain story.... how would we set that up?
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