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Originally Posted by Swampstorm View Post
Which flashbacks are we talking about in particular? I can only think of one set after Ranka leaves, and it's in the context of why he'll fight to protect Frontier, even if it comes at the cost of having to kill Ranka.

Was there another set that suggested that Alto wanted leave Frontier behind to go after her?
We are talking about the same episode starting with his conversation with Leon and Bilrer until the scene on the deck where he was talking with Kuran.

As you say it's in the context that he must wage to kill her if the situation forces him to do so. But it does not say that he does not care for her anymore or put his protective instincts for her to the bottom.

And also there is no need for him to leave Frontier in order to protect her this is something you do out of your heart with no matter of physical distance. If he was not able to see this himself, than we can be glad that Sheryl asks him to save her even through their (friendly) rivalry.
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