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Originally Posted by Yaluen
btw, did Layfon really get exiled?
Yep, banished. Some if not most of us here already knew it probably from the spoilers ahoy back from the generic forum. But seriously, even the manga (scanlation) already stated that in the beginning. >.> The anime is just being multi-interpretative.

Originally Posted by Enternal
Anyway, have you guys noticed? Back around episode 4 or 3 when Layfon was fighting the queen bug, he was having a hard time due to the acidic air but now in this episode, Nina and Felli have their skin showing and they are fine.
I'm guessing it depends on the weather. It was windy filled with hurricane when Layfon left the city in ep 5 to kill the queen bug. I guess air density has something to do with toxic level.
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