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It was a great episode with some suprises and plus, it was the ending.. even so it was not perfect, and I kinda though it was a bit disappointing, not because of the ep it self, but because of the direction the anime took... I keep my opinion that this show started was perfect awesomeness and went downhill from there, with some great eps, I must admit, in the middle, to try to save the show.

Even so, quality was lost along the time.

Oh well, I love to find that maka was a scythe (awesome), that my dear shimigami was alive (although I would prefer him to die if that made kiddo the new shimigami) and I loved how kinshin lost because he was a coward after all (although they could have made some better scenes for that).

Oh well, it's over, lets just wait for a second abd greater season.
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