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Brotherhood is leaving some manga material out (for pacing/budget reasons, really), but the first anime literally did its own thing for the most part.

Let's put it this way: Nothing past ~chapter 30 (and not nearly everything from before chapter 30, and certainly not enough to be considered an adaptation trying to be faithful to the manga) of the manga was used in the first anime. A good deal of anime-original filler was created for FMA1 that has nothing to do with the manga canon, characters die in the show who aren't even dead yet in the manga (and vice versa), several of the homunculus (and other characters) were completely different, the main story is completely different, and many of the main characters in the first anime don't even exist at all in the manga (IE: Archer and Dante), and the majority of the characters that show up in the manga either have their roles greatly reduced or are omitted completely from the first anime.

Chapter 99 is the most recent chapter that has been released. The manga should finish within a year or so, at somewhere between 103-106 chapters (we're chest deep in the final arc).
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