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Originally Posted by Dean_the_Young View Post
Well, by that time everyone already had their views, so the fact that everyone but him and Lelouch and Orange were fighting for a person with mass murder as a stated policy goal sort of got ignorred.
stated to whom ?

and i'm talking about after zero-requiem specifically
i'm talking about zero-zaku

Not pretty, is it?
because whoever wrote it has a very emo grasp of the characters

Originally Posted by Nostalgia View Post
Oh god I'm going to get into a fight, I just know it.

Specifically: I think he's a bad character. Suzaku is the type of character that in canon does everything perfectly and pretty much everybody likes and the writers were like "Nobody likes these type of characters so let's give him a muddled background!" And thus tortured!face "I killed my father". And you know what I still can't remember why he killed his stop a war? A kid wouldn't be able to grasp that concept, they're too busy playing Xbox, okay. Kids only kill their parents when they hate them, which brings me to the Suzaku was diddled by his daddy theory. It would explain for that sultry jazz music that always played in his memories. I do however semi-like him in fanfiction, his character's emotions and actions are much better explained.
no need to fight
i just wondered what about him you dont like AS A CHARACTER
not about how he was written

if you dont like him based on how he was written there aint much i can say about it
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