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Originally Posted by Dean_the_Young View Post

Well, it was stated in private, but it was more of a figure of speech.
you are also wrong about the "everyone but him and Lelouch and Orange were fighting for a person with mass murder as a stated policy goal" part
the war isnt between lelouch and Schneizel
the war is between britannia and the UFN

the black knights were not fighting for Schneizel
the black knights were fighting for the UFN and against lelouch
Schneizel was the one fighting FOR THEIR SIDE and AGAINST HIS
he just had a hidden agenda of his own

Considering how many fanfics have him giving up/failing/being taken over by the spirit of Zero itself, I don't think most people like it either.
i dont know much about that kinda perception
i'd rather think he'd try his best to act as a mediator between conflicting people in the future (thats what lelouch left him to do)
if he has to actually lead people in battle
then he failed his main role
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