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I love crossovers, especially crossovers done right! What I love more is that Nanoha has an excuse for crossovers because of TSAB.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't think of a Nanoha/Slayers crossover, the queens of beam spam? There's no way I wouldn't think about it:

I kind of feel Lina Inverse might be too powerful an opponent. I feel like Lina is a combination of Fate, Nanoha and Hayate: Lina's an all range fighter she can go hand-to-hand, take a lot of pain (thanks to her sister, Luna); good with a sword (again, courtesy of Luna who is the Knight of Ceipheid supposedly, Luna is a little better than Gourry, which is saying something); bring out the Ragna Blade (yes, it requires a lot of incantation, Chaos spells take a lot of time to set-up, in this regard Lina's like Hayate) which is similar to Fate's Zamber mode but she can only bring it to play for a limited time. Lina's Dragon Slave is equivalent to Starlight Breaker but its not Lina's gamebreaker move, no, that would be the Giga Slave.

This... I think is what makes Lina break way ahead of the game. Giga Slave doesn't just destroy gods or destroy planets but it can end the universe.

Also, Lina cheats. A lot. She's more than a combat pragmatist, fair fight for Lina means she's going to stack every advantage on her side. Every time. One of the things that can level the playing field for everyone is that Lina is extremely reluctant to bring the Giga Slave into play. Plus, Nanoha, Fate and Hayate could always take advantage of Lina's greed. But can you imagine Lina allying herself with the Three Aces? *shivers* Terrifying.

Yeah... I've been thinking about this for a while.
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