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Originally Posted by RadiantBeam View Post
What Avatar Counter are you using? o_O I've only had this avatar for a day, at least.
*cues the RB theme song!*

And now, for something different, I'm FINALLY getting out a new chapter to Red Jewel Diaries, my continuation of Crisis but with more relationship focus. I wanted Heritage to be chapter 2, but between what I had written and the heavily detailed notes, it was over half-way done.

Except all that was lost when my computer died. Still awaiting word if it can be retrieved. So in the meantime, I'm shuffling things and putting this out as chapter 2. With luck, Heritage will be chapter 3. So, without further ado, here is the rough draft to chapter 2:

Red Jewel Diaries
Chapter 2: Family

Spoiler for Red Jewel Diaries Chapter 2: Family:

Wondering if I wasn't subtle enough, or too subtle. Let me know if I should change names :P

And for the notes I plan to attach when I post to

Spoiler for Author's notes:
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