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Originally Posted by Tabasco View Post
Awww. For some reason, I really like the line 'you owe me cake' in the voice I'm imagining for Nanoha.

Any chance of this turning into a running collaboration?
I'm glad you liked the line ! Feel free to write a side-story about it if you like, but I don't think that the Logs will turn into a running collaboration . It's tricky enough managing the plot and story arcs with two people, and ever since the plot-bug bit us in the butts we have plans....yes, PLANS we say!

Originally Posted by Nanya01 View Post
@deathcurse: That was good.

Where's Erio?

Hope he's okay.

And, yes, when writing with RB, all crack turns dramatic. *Nods* We all love her for that.
Where's Erio? *whistles innocently*

RB makes crack dramatic, then I just start making things into tragedies.... Yo RB, are we really that good of a combination? Everyone will be dead in a few chapters!

Originally Posted by RadiantBeam View Post
I'm sorry for always ruining crack.
You don't ruin crack dear, you transform it into angst . That takes skill! ^^
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