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Originally Posted by Ice Block View Post
Sorry, but if you look close enough, we're not talking about Pokemon, Bleach, and Naruto.
Sorry, but if you actually paid attention to what he was saying instead of cutting off the important part of what he said, you'd realize he was using something called an "analogy." Analogies are these very interesting things in which you use similar-but-more-readily-understood items to substitute for more complicated or delicate ones.

Pokemon, Bleach, and Naruto all have large fandoms. They are also infamous for taking ages to do anything and having massive amounts of filler. Their fans may say that the storylines are worth it. Essentially, they say that the endings are good enough to retroactively justify the rest of the arc. The quote you mangled was in response to this same sort of argument being applied to Endless Eight, and subscribed to the same idea held by critics of those series: that each episode should be able to entertain in-and-of itself. The analogy is apt.
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