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What I said on Mechatalk.

I had always wished for true SRW OG appearances in A.C.E. (the Gespenst Mk. II in A.C.E. 1 alone just didn't cut it)......

Those hopes had died with the announcement of A.C.E. Final......

And came back with A.C.E. R.......

Now, I be blessed.........

GLORIOUS!!!!! ( )

I actually never played SRW O.G.s (yet), so it'll be nice to use the ART-1 in action with a more personal touch. Of course, that preview clearly (and most likely intentionally) doesn't do Cybuster anywhere near true justice until near the end. No complete sequence for the Akashic Buster, Cosmo Nova, or even a Cyflash? pfft

I like the way chase mode looks though. It reminds me of the similar thing they had in Gundam: Encounters in Space back on the PS2.

I wonder if the pilot changing feature will have anything beyond cosmetic importance. (i.e. hearing Sagara Sousuke in the Nu Gundam) Then again, I'd bet the pilot change feature will only be limited to same series/anime-line. (unable to swap pilots being mobile suits and Arm Slaves, for example)

Geez, the Behemoth sure moves a heck of a lot faster in that trailer.

And is that Ryuusei in the ART-1 versus Kyousuke in the Alteisen??!! I bet there are people who've dreamed of that versus matchup since the split-route setup of SRW OG1. I couldn't help but find the cross-headbutt at the end of that part hilarious though. ^^b

It occured to me when I saw the Zeta, Hyakushiki, and Dijeh back-to-back with the Destiny, S-F, and I-J, that it's rather interesting that they chose Z Gundam and GSD for A.C.E. R considering all the fantalk about how GSD is a rip off of Zeta. (not that I subscribe to that, fyi :P )

And I definitely LOL-ed at Bonta-kun. It's one thing to know it's going to be there; seeing it with your own eyes is another thing entirely.
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