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Originally Posted by Slayn View Post
Well to tell you the truth... most of those other "eroge adaption" anime were "clean" because they usually were tied in with some sort of "All ages" version being released soon (PS2,ect.) of said eroge.

Yosuga no Sora is a little different though, there hasn't been any announcement of an "All ages" version of the eroge (correct me if I'm wrong) so they can go "all out" with the content but as relentlessflame said "some of the ero content in the anime wasn't even in the game to begin with" so most likely the added ero is just a way to "hook" an audience.
Err... Why are you making such assumptions?
Although it is true the erotic aspect was kept to hook a certain public, it has nothing to do with the fact it doesn't have an all age release.

The fact there isn't an all age version of an eroge doesn't mean they can't avoid using that kind of content. In fact, the vast majority of the ero galge are much more focused on the plot, to the point a chunk of the ero scenes are sometimes pulled without any proper development whatsoever.
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