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Originally Posted by Klashikari View Post
The fact there isn't an all age version of an eroge doesn't mean they can't avoid using that kind of content. In fact, the vast majority of the ero galge are much more focused on the plot, to the point a chunk of the ero scenes are sometimes pulled without any proper development whatsoever.
But most of those eroge use the "ero" quite well to show "development" between the protagonist and said girl. (a lot of eroge are just nukige though)

There's a big difference between just a "kiss" and finally "doing it" in an anime and it makes a bigger difference when it actually is shown and not left for people to wonder it they did it or not. (just look at the preorder sales of YnS )

In the end it's a matter of preference of which eroge company makes the ero work well in the plot in their games.
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