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Originally Posted by Kameruka View Post
I hate to say this but is Sora's arc is the only canon one?
There isn't any one "canon end", VNs rarely work that way - the plot unfolds in various directions based on the player's choices, and neither direction is more or less "canon" than the next one. That said, usually it isn't too hard to discern which is the intended "main girl", whether by overall importance she plays in the storyline regardless of path, her path being the most compelling and well developed one, her path being the most 'plot relevant' one, having her name in the title, and many other similar reasons and any combination of those. Still, that doesn't affect how "canon" said route would be in comparison to the rest. They all happened, which makes them all canon in this instance. So ...yeah. Is Sora's route canon ? Yes. As is Kazuha's, Akira's, etc.

And Haru didn't "hear Kazuha and Akira having sex", that was his wild imagination at work
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