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Originally Posted by totoum View Post
That's not what the gun tells you though,it just tells you lethal mode has been activated,the "beyond all hope" part is the enforcer's interpretation.
No, it's more than a mere "interpretation".

The gun specifically says "Target's Threat Judgement has been updated. Enforcement mode is Lethal Eliminator. Aim carefully and eliminate the target."

That's crystal clear, no interpretation necessarily. And it's what the gun itself states. The gun is clearly telling the holder thereof to kill the target. The implicit message is equally clear - There's no point in taking this target in alive.

Then, a couple minutes later, the gun specifically says "Target's Threat Judgment has been updated. Enforcement mode is Non-Lethal Paralyzer. Aim calmly and bring the target under control."

Again, that's crystal clear, no interpretation necessary.

The passage of time between the two threat judgement commands? Less than two minutes, and it obviously brings the initial threat judgment into serious dispute.

Look, for this Psycho-Pass Gun to so quickly go from basically stating "Eliminate this target, as the target is beyond realistic hope of rehabilitation" to stating "Bring the target under control with paralysis, there is hope of rehabilitation" is very, very questionable.
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