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My understanding was that the gun works this way so that agents don't have to wonder about what to do. The process is simplified to the extreme. If the gun tells you can shoot, you shoot. Akane was reprimanded by the other inspector because she failed to do that and acted on her own judgment instead. Nobody (besides Akane) seems to ask themselves any questions. They just do what the system tells them to do. I doubt anybody would have blamed Kogami for killing that disturbed yet innocent woman.
Kogami did mentioned to Akane that whenever she felt he is out of the line feel free to shoot him, which she did. Also whenever that there's an injury incident to the personal you got to file a report so that your intentions are clear. If that glasses guy stopped one of his subordinates for getting out of the line he would have to file a report as well.

What I am seeing is, the system is there to help the people making decisions, but it's the people who still need to pull the trigger. Any systems can be abused, and it's the human factor that need to be emphasised for it to be under control. From what we'd seen in the first episode, the people got lazy. It's like a medical diagnosis, yes the lab test showed abnormal value but should the doctor just apply "treatment" right away without thinking about other factors surrounding the patient?
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