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Rarely do I get a bragging moment, but boy this was a doozy:

Spoiler for Spoilered for Size:

Take note this was in Sand River, and our team started on the northern side. As the slowpoke that I was, I had to go north with the bulk of the army... Who for some odd reason got theirselves annihilated on the hill, but not before knocking out those there too. So I pushed on my merry way toward where the arty was, before continuing south... But by that time the city force was annihilated too.

Still 3 minutes though, no pressure. Destroyed the wespe on the way, as well as the M4 creeping up on me, then it was onto the town. The TDs went to the dunes rather than capturing, but I spotted them, and used the Churchill's ROF to knock them out. The last TD hit itself while I capped, but my team said that it'd pop up to ruin the cap, so I had to chase after it. It was close enough, so I ran it down while shooting.

Funny note: my teammates kept on telling me not to expose my sides. Shows what little they know eh?
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